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7 Creative Ways Writers Can Increase Their Social Media Reach

By Mackenzie Harrison

Every author online is trying to do what they can to get noticed. While this can seem overwhelming or stressful, it doesn’t have to be. Getting your book noticed is about being creative and thinking outside the box. Posting the same photo of your book won’t get you noticed. If anything, your audience will get bored and begin overlooking it. To get your audience engaged with your content and get them interested in reading your book, it’s important that you try different unique tactics. Below, we discuss creative ways writers can increase their social media reach.

1. Share Behind-The-Scenes Content

Showing a behind-the-scenes look at your writing process, a book conference or your writing space will make your fans or followers feel connected with you. It will get them excited and make them feel like they are a part of the process.

2. Turning Your Book Cover Into A Movie Poster

Reposting the same photo of your book cover can become extremely repetitive. When you just keep using the same photo, the engagement you receive will decrease. One way for you to switch things up and post a photo that will captivate, excite, and entice your audience is to turn your book cover into a movie poster. You can include different elements in a movie poster to capture the theme and include the characters in your book. For the “starring” portion you can add your character’s name and the author’s name can go where the producer’s name would be. This is a fun and unique way to promote your book.

3. Create An Animated Book Cover

An animated book cover is a way to bring your book cover to life. Instead of reposting the same photo, an animated book cover adds character to your social media platforms, and it will certainly be unforgettable to your audience. 

4. Book Trailer

A book trailer is the perfect way to get your audience excited, on the edge of their seats, and build anticipation for your book. Just like the animated book cover, a book trailer is the perfect option to bring your book to life. It will capture your audience’s attention, draw them in, encourage them to share your trailer, and reach a wider audience. 

5. Posting A Visual Quote Of Your Book

Posting a visual quote of your book will be eye-catching, highlight key themes of your book, and entice your audience to want to read more. Sharing a small snippet of your book will act as a teaser. It will give your readers something to look forward to and get them excited to want to read your book. You can experiment with different backgrounds, fonts, and colors to make your design stand out. 

6. Use Creative Ad Templates To Promote Discounts

Everyone loves a good discount. When the price drops even in the slightest, your audience will want to know about it. The best way to promote any sort of discount is to make sure that the template or design you use stands out. With the holidays just around the corner, what better way to promote your book than with a fun holiday template – especially if you’re going to promote a holiday discount? 

7. Virtual Book Club

A virtual book club is an online event where you bring your online fanbase together to read and discuss your book. Holding a virtual book club is an interactive way to include your audience, connect with them, and an easy way to introduce your book. 

Book Brush Is Here To Help!

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