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Hourly Concepts

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What is Hourly Concepts?

Hourly Concepts is a subscription-based service offered to authors who are looking for a digital designer or VA to create stunning social ads by the hour for their book marketing needs. Scale your business, fix your design bottleneck, and streamline your author brand identity today.


Five Hours

Discounted from $150.00


/ month

Ten Hours

Discounted from $280.00


/ month

Twenty Hours

Discounted from $500.00


/ month

Design Options Offered:

  • BookBub Ad (1 hr)
  • Book Page Design (i.e. interior pages or ornamental breaks) (1 hr)
  • Book Trailers (3 hrs)
  • Vertical Videos (Reels, YouTube Shorts, or FB Stories) (2 hrs)
  • Book Swag (1 hr)
  • Social Ads (1 hr)
  • Amazon A+ Content (1 hr)
  • Newsletter Headers (1 hr)
  • Boxset Image (1 hr)
  • 10 Taglines/Book Hooks (1 hr)
  • Retractable Author Banner (2 hrs)
  • Full Page Ad (2 hrs)
  • Author Logo (5 hrs)
  • Square Video 1080x1080 (2 hrs)
  • TikTok Video (2 hrs)
  • Animated Book Covers (1 hr)
  • Revisions (30 mins)

How to get started?

Getting started has never been easier.

Step 1

Submit your request.

Your professional designers are ready— whenever you need, wherever you need. We have the best virtual assistants eager to help you create captivating visual ads for your book marketing needs.

Step 2

Your designer starts creating.

Based on your needs and the time it will take to deliver, your designer will get right to work to make sure your request is met.

Step 3

You’ve got a design.

You have 100% ownership of the files the moment your graphic designer delivers them to you in your Book Brush account.

  • As an author who’s been in marketing for 20 years, I’ve had my fair share of design programs. However, none have matched Book Brush’s platform. They are hands down the easiest, most intuitive software I have ever used but there is only so much time in my day. Having the Hourly Concepts service as part of my monthly marketing plan, has eliminated countless hours in front of my computer designing when I could be writing. Book Brush is a lifeline for my author success.

    - Dana Claire

  • I’ve been using Book Brush for years for the authors I work for and have made stunning ads, however there are just some concepts I can’t create. Book Brush’s Hourly Concepts service was the perfect addition for my PA responsibilities. It allows me to focus on the simple projects and give Book Brush’s VA services the ones I need assistance on. Combined, the platform and Hourly Concepts, make Book Brush a one-stop shop for all my marketing needs.

    - Jill Mac, PA to authors

  • It was so simple and easy to work with Book Brush’s Hourly Concepts Service! After sending them a few images and taglines, they quickly made such a cool video that perfectly fits the tone of my novel. I'll definitely be using their design team again.

    - Madison Lawson

  • The Book Brush Hourly Concepts design team has the magic touch when it comes to making promotional material that stands out and honors the vibe and tone of my book- thank you!

    - Jordan Bartlett

  • I LOVE having the Hourly Concepts service. The graphics you’ve delivered are so much better and more professional looking than what I can create myself, and I love that I’m establishing a cohesive, unified look on social.

    - Natalie Wright

  • Thank you so much! Really impressed with the turnaround/delivery time of Hourly Concepts. That was pretty darned epic!

    - Stephanie Berchiolly

Meet Our Project Managers

Kathleen Sweeney

Kathleen loves helping and advocating for authors. She brings over 20 years of client service experience, business assurance, strategy, and problem solving to Book Brush. She is happy to assist you in getting exactly what you want for your design and promotional needs.

Dana Claire

Dana Claire has been in marketing for over 20 years and is an award-winning young adult author. Dana, having experienced the author journey herself, touts a unique perspective with her hybrid knowledge of both the literary world and marketing industry. She feels passionate in making sure you receive the concepts you need to be successful and grow your author business.