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The Best Full-Service Social Media Management Service For Authors

By Mackenzie Harrison

As an author, it can feel like you just don’t have enough time in the day. The number of demands you have to keep up with, like writing, promoting your book, events, etc., will keep you busy. When it comes to social media, it can almost be a job in itself. It can be challenging to keep up with consistently posting high-quality content when you have other things on your plate. You don’t have to spread yourself too thin by trying to achieve it all. This is where we come in! At Book Brush, we offer a full-service social media management service that’s specifically tailored to authors. We’ll take control of your social media, so you’ll have more time for your true passion – writing. 

Tell A Story On Your Primary Social Media Platforms

You did the hard work and created an amazing book, now let us get it out there on social media and share it with the world. By getting a feel for the theme of your book, we will create graphics and videos that tell a story and will demand your fans’ attention. Whether it’s an image, vertical video, or image with motion, we’ll use these graphics to catch your audience’s attention and intrigue them to want to read your book.

What Book Brush Can Offer You

While there are other social media management services out there, most offer general social media management for everyone. Book Brush’s social media management service is specifically for authors to allow their social media to reflect their work. It’s not an uncommon occurrence for authors to have incredible books and covers but only have a few followers and two pictures on their Instagram. We don’t believe in consistently posting the same photo of your book cover to promote your book. That’s extremely repetitive, and it’s not the way to successfully captivate your audience. While posting consistently is important, it needs to be top-notch posts. This will not only help your social media reach, but your audience will begin to expect and look forward to your content.

The good news is that once we post the content, it’s yours. For instance, if we post a vertical video on your Instagram page, it’s yours. You’re more than welcome to post it on other platforms, like TikTok or YouTube. We will publish six posts a week on your primary accounts, like Facebook and Instagram. We will include two vertical reels and four images or images with motion. Our team will also dedicate one hour, spread out throughout the week, to engaging with your fans. This way they feel included and will feel appreciative you reached out. It will create a more personalized approach to your social media platforms. 

Why Choose Us?

Book Brush’s social media management service stands out from others’ social media management services. This is because we are incredibly passionate about what we do. We are your biggest cheerleader, and we want you to succeed, which means having a solid presence on social media. Your fans not only want to read your book, but they want more from you. Whether they want to learn more about your book, get behind-the-scenes photos, or talk to other fans and get their take on your book, social media allows them to celebrate your book.

When your social media page is lacking that special spark, it can be a letdown to your fans. With our help, we’ll take your social media to the next level. We strongly believe that if you think like a best-selling author when writing your book, your social media should also reflect the work of a best-selling author. Let us help take your social media platforms to the level that a best-selling author should be. 

Book Brush’s social media management service is an excellent choice because:

  • We stay on top of trends – Our team consistently takes a deep dive into the current trends and hashtags on social media and puts them into practice. We’ll use the right hashtags so your post doesn’t completely get lost in the shuffle.
  • We help you reclaim your time – Since social media can take up the majority of your time, we want to take over. With us taking control of your social media, you’ll have more time to create more book magic. 
  • We have seasoned designers who want to make a difference – We want your book brand and social media to get the recognition they need and deserve. We care about your journey and want to help in growing your social media reach. We are driven, passionate, and committed to providing you with a service where you’ll see real results. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, social media is imperative for authors who want to get their books out into the world. Book Brush’s social media management service is tailored to authors and getting their books noticed online through high-quality graphics, consistent posting, engagement, and sticking to top trends. You’ve worked hard to write your book, now it’s time to let our team work hard to get it noticed on social media. Together, we’ll make a great team! To learn more about what our awesome design team can do for you, make sure you contact us today!


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