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Full-Service Social Media Management for Authors by Book Brush

Imagine a world where you can dedicate more time to your true passion—writing.

At Book Brush, we're thrilled to present a solution that not only elevates your author brand but also grants you the precious time to craft the books of your dreams while we maximize your online presence.

Why Choose a Social Media Manager?

Stay on Top of Trends

We stay updated on platform trends and best practices.

Ensure Consistency

We maintain your online presence and foster brand loyalty.

Content Creation

We craft content aligned with your brand, freeing up your time.

Audience Engagement

We build a loyal fanbase while you focus elsewhere in your business.

Data Analysis

We analyze data to inform your content decisions.

Effective Presence

We help achieve your goals, saving you time to focus on writing.

Your Project Manager

Meet your dedicated project manager, your personal expert for all things social media. CJ is here to bring your author goals to life while you stay immersed in your writing journey.

CJ Ives Lopez is a multi-genre author and Air Force veteran with a humanist heart. She holds degrees in logistics, business management, and a Bachelor's in psychology, complemented by a special education certification. Her journey includes achieving Amazon Bestselling Author status with over 20 published books.

As a Project Manager at Book Brush, she seamlessly combines her project management expertise with her passion for books, creating a harmonious blend of success. As the founder of The Authors Porch, CJ excels as a prolific book reviewer and event producer, connecting with global audiences and delivering unforgettable experiences within the literary world.

Fueled by a lifelong passion for animals and a profound belief in the transformative power of storytelling, CJ persistently pursues her dreams, overcomes challenges, and strives to leave an enduring mark in the realm of literature.

We Design Your Social Media Images/Videos

Prepare to be swept away by our design talent! Expect captivating static images and a thrilling 2 Reels or videos per week, totaling approximately 25 awe-inspiring designs every month.

We Post On Instagram & Facebook

Our team takes the wheel, ensuring your author brand thrives with 6 weekly posts on primary platforms—Facebook and Instagram. You'll relish the freedom to pour your heart into your writing without distraction.

We Manage Your Social Media Comments

Feel the excitement as we dedicate 1 hour per week to engage with your audience. We're your partners in creating conversations, and we'll only bring you in when the spotlight calls for your brilliance.

Platforms We Focus On


Using stunning visuals and targeted hashtags, Book Brush can help you communicate your author brand, boost your engagement, grow your following, and attract new readers.

We'll help you make sense of your analytics and find what's working best for your target audience so we can continue to post more of it and help your brand be consistent.

TikTok & YouTube

For these platforms, we create and send you eight (8) professionally crafted videos per month, along with offering you one (1) consultation call per month to teach you how to grow your readership on these platforms.

It's important that you're the voice your readers hear, which is why we work with you rather than handling it for you.


We'll create engaging and relevant content (text posts, videos, and graphics) to captivate your target audience. We'll ensure the content aligns with your author brand's voice and message.

We'll establish a consistent posting schedule, determining the optimal times and frequencies for posting to maximize reach and engagement.

Our Pricing

Our Full-Service Social Media Management awaits with a flexible 3-month contract, an unbeatable value at just $499 per month.

If you decide to part ways, we require a 30-day notice, or the adventure automatically extends for an additional 3 months. Grab your front-row seat to growing your platform, becoming more visible, finding more readers, and earning more with your books today—slots are limited!

Bonuses with Purchase

As a client of Book Brush’s Full-Service Social Media Management, you'll enjoy a 50% discount on Book Brush list prices for each renewal. And if you're not yet a subscriber, we'll provide you with a 50% coupon code.


As a special bonus, you'll receive an exclusive ticket to BookMarCon when you sign up for your first 3-month contract. BookMarCon is your backstage pass to the world of author marketing success. ($199 value)

Ready to Unleash Your Creativity and Get High-Impact REsults?

Don't wait to reclaim your writing time and skyrocket your author brand. Contact us today, and let's embark on this electrifying journey together!