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The Best 12 Book Review Blogs

By Leslie Sartor

Book blogs have been around for so long they have become second nature to authors when promoting their work. But what are the best blogs out there? There are so many websites out there that have long lists of them, but who are the best to go to? Here’s a list of the best 12 book blogs out there to help you promote your work!

#1 Book Riot

Book Riot is a blog covering book related news reviews, commentary, advice and information along with the latest in book-reading technology. They fair and very inclusive in their choosing’s. They also have a podcast! So, there is a definite chance of more exposure than just their blog.

Image of Book Riot Blog

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#2 Kirkus Reviews

Has been around since the early 1930’s. The blog features its own magazine, writing resources and education as well as a contest. Kirkus has book reviews and is the most trusted voice in book industry spanning many decades. They also have an extensive following on their social media.

Kirkus header

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#3 Aestas Book Blog

A Romance writers blog that caters to those who love romance that have the following: have a beautiful love story, a happy ending and makes this bloggers heart race! Aestas has a great extensive following on social as well. Great for those romance writers looking to get a blogger who specifically caters to the genre of romance.

Aestas blog header

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#4 Maryse’s Book Blog

Another blogger who loves to read romance books of all genres! Maryse features book lists, book reviews, helps you get the book series reading order right, and more!

Maryse blog header

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#5 Totally Booked Blog

A blog that started with a friendship and a love of reading. Totally Booked blog is run by two ladies with a big friendship and a love of books. Together they read a variety of Adult Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Romantic Comedy, Dark romance, Physiological Thrillers, YA, NA, M/M and Paranormal (Mature PNR only). They also have recommended reading list, upcoming releases, new releases, and sales.

Totally Booked Blog header

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#6 The Pen and Muse Book Reviews

A book review blog, The Pen & Muse has been around for over decade. It’s dedicated to helping authors with interviews, promoting their new work, book giveaways, writing education and tips as well as articles on technology, and entertainment.

Header for Pen & Muse review site

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#7 Book Room Reviews

Book reviewer, Sarah writes shares writing tips and her passion of reading at Book Room Reviews. She accepts a variety of books as well as giveaways.

Blog header for Book Room Reviews

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#8 Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

Smart Bitches Trashy Books began in 2005 as a community of romance readers eager to talk about which romance novels rocked their worlds, and which ones made them throw the book with as much velocity as possible. Since then our site has grown to include a community of incredibly smart and savvy romance readers. They also have their own podcast and a great following on their social media.

Review site header

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#9 BookPage

A book magazine, BookPage started in 1988 long before it had a website, it shares book reviews of a variety of genres, author interviews, and features.

Book Page review site

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#10 Library Thing

This is the mother of all online book communities next to something like Goodreads. Library Thing has Zeitgeist list which lists the most popular books to the hottest reviews, which is updated constantly. Authors can sign up and share their books and join their communities.

Library Thing site header

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#11 Love Reading

A UK based book reviewing site with their own staff with top notch reviews. They also take on a variety of book genres and also review audio books!

LoveReading book reivew site

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#12 BookBub

A community-based website that allows users to review their favorite books. A great way for author also to join for free to create a profile and recommend their favorite books! The website also allows author to create ads for their books on Book Bub’s popular newsletter.

Bob Bub banner

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Bonus #13 Reedsy Discovery

Check out Discovery – a website where you can get early access to fresh indie books and help decide on the best selling stories of tomorrow!

There you have it! A full list of blogs to check and start querying for promotion. Don’t forget that for all your advertising and creative ideas, use Book Brush which has a plethora of tools to get you started on your writing and creative journey.

Article By Denise Alicea

Born in Manhattan and raised in Connecticut, Denise Alicea started writing when drawing and painting simply weren’t enough. A writer of fantasy, time travel, romance, and more, Denise has won two awards for her short stories and several finalist nominations. She loves technology, reading, watching movies, and managing her blog over at The Pen & Muse Book Reviews or find her at http://denisealicea.comget


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