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How To Create An eBook Box Set Image In Minutes

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There is truly no better time than right now to quickly create boxed content for readers. It can be a series, all your titles, or maybe even the first book in several series to hook your readers! Book Brush features a Box-Set Creator that’s quick and easy to use. If you don’t have a Book Brush account, you can register here. In Book Brush, you'll have a variety of handy author-industry related tools to choose from. When you open the Box-Set Creator under Tools, it launches with the Book Brush Splash Screen, this is what you’ll see first: It’s...

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Save Your Sanity & Your Pocketbook With MailerLite

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I’m an author and I’ve had a newsletter for years. However, this post isn’t about writing and angsting over a newsletter, it’s about how changing to MailerLite has upped my attitude and my game. So, let me tell you why I changed from Mailchimp and what I love about MailerLite. I had a free account with Mailchimp, and let me state up front, this isn’t about bashing a company, it’s about what I found instead that works fabulously for me. Mailchimp was working fine. Then came the big GDPR compliant scare. Authors scrambled to make sure their...

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Photo Usage Best Practices For Authors

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First a disclaimer. I am not an attorney, nor do I warrant the information here. Your best bet is always to check out the links and information yourself. With the launch of the new and amazing Cover Creator in Book Brush, there have been questions about licensing of images you may want to import and use in the creator. And along with the Cover Creator is the new Remove Background Tool, making creation so much easier. But then comes the question of "can I use this image?" That is a valid and important question as nobody wants to illegally use...

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Instant Mockups: Your Book Cover In Amazing Scenes

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In an overcrowded social media feed, images get 94% more views than text. Images gain attention, create emotional connections, communicate information, help viewers to remember your brand, and increase engagement. But there’s a time factor to creating engaging, interesting, and memorable images. Which is why Book Brush’s Instant Mockups are going to be a great lifesaver for your social media strategy. If you’re familiar with Book Brush, you might have used their Custom Creator to make lickety-split graphics. Possibly you’ve used their...

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Easy Business Card Design For Graphically Challenged Authors (Plus Amazing Templates)

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Most authors carry around business cards for book events and conferences, doling them out to other authors and readers. They’re handy for networking “remember me” moments, cheap to print, and easy to distribute. You’ll see tons of them on conference tables, sometimes with candy stuck to them as an enticement for a second look. But does your business card create a “remember me” moment? Are your cards getting tossed — even after all those hours spent stapling mints to the back — at the end of a conference because they didn’t attract attention? ...

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Book Brush Design Hacks to Increase ROI on Facebook Ads

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We’ve all heard of them. Facebook ads. To some authors, they’re a vital component of any successful marketing plan. To other authors, they’re this ethereal, mysterious thing to be feared—or at least looked at with suspicion. Well, I’m here to try to demystify them for you and show you a few tips to increase your ROI on your Facebook ads using BookBrush. Note: Before I begin, I want to give you one very important tip about Facebook ads. You must test for yourself. There is no single solution for an amazing Facebook ad, even though there are...

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How To Kill It With Book Promo Images On Twitter

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Twitter is an amazing platform for writers to connect with readers and writing colleagues. Accessed worldwide, 500 million tweets are sent each day. 326 million people use Twitter every month. And connecting is what it’s all about. Through the use of hashtags and lists, you can network with new people daily as opposed to other social media platforms where connections are made through people you already know. Twitter can help you to grow your reading community and increase interest in your books. Research studies have shown that tweets with...

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3D Book Cover Creator: The Easiest Way To Convert Your 2D Book Covers

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Authors spend a lot of thought, time and money on book covers because a book cover is the first impression for potential readers. If you are like me, you probably have an opinion about something within a few seconds of seeing it. Book covers are no exception so authors are smart to put a lot of value on the covers of their books! An eye-catching book cover makes readers feel like they want to read your book. Whether it is the striking picture, the perfect font or the complementary colors that bring everything together, you want to have...

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