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Our 10 Favorite Mockups To Promote Your Book For Spring

By Mackenzie Harrison

Spring is officially here, which means that flowers will bloom, there will be more sunny days ahead, and warmer weather will be approaching. Now that a new season is here, it gives you the perfect opportunity to use these instant mockups to promote your book. Book Brush has several mockups for you to use that will get your audience into the spring spirit. They are full of color and create the perfect cheery and vibrant aesthetic to catch your audience’s attention. Below, we showcase our 10 favorite mockups to promote your book for spring.

Mockup #1

This mockup is almost like sunshine in an image. The bright colors and the beautiful flowers practically jump off the page. This is a great way to get your audience to stop scrolling and want to check out your book. 

Mockup #2

When you think about spring, one thing you may imagine is Easter eggs. Easter eggs are one of the staple pieces to have when decorating your home for spring/Easter. They have become a symbol of spring. This is a great mockup to use to promote your book with Easter just around the corner. The colorful eggs and white background are subtle but stunning.

Mockup #3

One plus side of spring, other than the warmer weather, is that tulips are in season. They have become an iconic spring flower. This mockup is quite simple, but it’s beautiful. The light background mixed with the white tulips gives the book cover its moment to shine.

Mockup #4

While this mockup can be used anytime throughout the year, it’s a great one to use to welcome in spring. It showcases a realistic spring morning with beautiful flowers, coffee, and a folder that could be full of writings. 

Mockup #5

This is another mockup that symbolizes an important spring holiday, Easter. The color of the eggs and the simple background will make your cover pop. 

Mockup #6

One thing you can count on in the springtime is that it will rain – a lot. While this cover can be used practically anytime, the rain in this mockup will help set the spring aesthetic when promoting your book.

Mockup #7

This mockup is simply enchanting. The flowers are vibrant and basically jump off the page. They are also so realistic you can almost smell them. 

Mockup #8

The color yellow typically makes people happy. It’s also an eye-catching color. In this mockup, your book cover will be the main focal point and the star of the show. The background and flower colors will certainly catch your audience’s eye.

Mockup #9

With Easter approaching, this is the perfect mockup to use to promote your book. It showcases some of the iconic symbols of spring, such as the chocolate bunny, tulips, dessert, and (of course) your book. 

Mockup #10

This mockup is simple yet elegant. The background color and the charming single tulip shout spring without being over the top or overshadowing the book cover. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, you can use countless stunning instant mockups to promote your book, including various colorful spring mockups. You can create your mockup in a matter of minutes with Book Brush. Create your attention-grabbing mockup for spring today!


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