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How To Host A Virtual Book Club For Your Readers

By Mackenzie Harrison

Hosting a book club for your readers is a great way to engage with your fans, hear their honest feedback, and expand on their reading experience. It also creates and strengthens a community amongst your fans. The more involved you are while promoting your book and engaging with your fans, the more you’ll boost your book brand reputation and strengthen your connection with your audience. If you are ready to host a virtual book club but are unsure how to get started – we’ve got you covered! 

Below, we’ll break down how you can host a virtual book club for your readers as an author.

Map Out Your Goals For The Book Club

Before you start planning, it’s important that you establish your expectations and goals for starting a book club. This helps to ensure that you get what you want and need out of a book club. For example, are you looking for feedback from your fans? If you’re writing a series, maybe you want to hear from your fans about what they want to see in the next book. Jot down any questions or points you want to address with your fans so you don’t forget to ask these kinds of questions during your event. 

Choose The Online Platform You Want To Use

There are different platforms to choose from to hold your virtual book club, such as Google Meet, Instagram Live, Zoom, and more. You’ll have to decide if you want the platform you use to have a conference style where everyone can be involved or if you want to go the social media live route. In this route, it’ll just be you hosting the event, and people can write comments or ask questions. 

Plan The Details

Now we’re getting into the more exciting aspects of planning your book club, like the details. Think of a fun name to call your book club. It doesn’t just have to be “book club.” Get creative with it and have fun because this book club isn’t just about promoting your book – it should also be fun. 

In this process, you’ll want to decide on a date and time. It’s important to know ahead of time if you want your readers to read sections and have multiple meetings to discuss the book in parts or if you want them to have read it before you meet. Regardless, make sure you put that information in the event details. 

Promote Your Book Club

You’ll want to promote your book club on a few different platforms to ensure your audience sees the event. You can promote your book club through your club email list, different social media platforms, and you could even put flyers up in your local coffee shop.

Tips During Your Book Club Event

During your book club, it’s important that you stay in control of the event. It’s easy for people to get distracted and for conversations to take the event off its rails. Remain flexible, but also try to keep the conversation flowing about your book. 

To deepen the experience for your fans and for them to feel more connected to you, towards the end of the event, you could open the floor for them to ask questions. They would probably love the chance to get to know you as an author and maybe hear personal or fun stories about writing your book.

To finish up your virtual book club for your readers, make sure you send a follow-up email. You could send out a survey or ask for feedback that you can utilize for future book clubs or meetings. Make sure you thank your fans for supporting you and taking the time to attend your event.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, a virtual book club is a great way to get your fans involved and to hear feedback on your book. A virtual book club for your readers is easy to plan and host, and a fun way to promote your book. 

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