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8 Mockup Templates To Use To Promote Your Children’s Book

By Mackenzie Harrison

Book mockup templates are an easy, creative, and eye-catching way to promote your book. When promoting, it’s important that you stick with the tone of your book. For example, you wouldn’t want to promote a children’s book with a thriller instant mockup. It’s confusing and quite frankly makes no sense. To properly promote your children’s book, you need an instant mockup that’s tailored to your target audience. At Book Brush, you’ll find stunning instant mockups to which you can add your book cover and download it in just a few short clicks. Below, are our 8 favorite mockups to use to promote children’s books.

Mockup #1

This instant mockup perfectly compliments a children’s book. Even though there are props in the picture, it doesn’t overshadow the book, if anything, it highlights it. The blocks, books, and the apple set the tone that this is to promote a children’s book. This would be a great instant mockup to use for back-to-school.

Mockup #2

The bright colors of this children’s book mockup are eye-catching and make the photo pop. If someone is scrolling through social media, this mockup would definitely catch their attention. The toys and slippers help tie the instant mockup together and highlight the book well.

Mockup #3

Legos are practically a staple in every kid’s toy box. The different colors of the Legos compliment the colors of the book cover well. They also help make the cover stand out. This is a great mockup to use to promote your children’s book.

Mockup #4

Now that summer is finally here, you need a good instant mockup to promote your children’s book for summer. This instant mockup brings all of the elements together that make a great beach day, like sandcastles and reading your favorite book on the beach. It will remind your audience that they need to pack a book for their child when they go on vacation this summer. It’ll hopefully entice them to purchase your book to take to the beach. 

Mockup #5

This instant mockup brings cozy and warm vibes to promote a children’s book. The teddy bear, the pillows, and the blanket will make your audience want to cuddle up and read a good book, like yours.

Mockup #6

This children’s book mockup is adorable! The colors of the background and the child’s outfit are bright and will make your instant mockup stand out. 

Mockup #7

This instant mockup is the perfect way to promote your children’s book. The rubber duck shows that it’s tailored to kids without being too cluttered or over the top. The duck adds a subtle touch while the main focus is still on the book.

Mockup #8

If you need an instant mockup to promote back-to-school, this is the one to use! It’s chaotic (just like a desk would look like in real life) in the best way possible, but since all of the school supplies surround the book, your attention goes right to it. The different colors are bright and will certainly make your photo stand out. 

Our mockups are realistic-looking, fun, and a unique way to promote your book on social media. You’ll be able to find a great instant mockup that perfectly highlights children’s books. Make sure you check out all of the mockups we offer at Book Brush today!


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