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6 Reasons Why Authors Should Use Book Clubs To Promote Their Book

By Mackenzie Harrison

When authors think about promoting their books, they more than likely think about promoting them online. However, promoting your book online isn’t the only way to go. One way that you can promote your book is through a book club. This is an effective way to fully involve yourself with your promotion and even receive feedback from your peers. Below, we discuss why authors should get involved in book clubs to promote their book.

1. Expand Your Reputation As An Author

Book clubs are the perfect place for authors, bloggers, and readers. When you go to a book club to promote your book, don’t be surprised if you meet other authors or writers there. This allows you to introduce yourself, share your book, potentially make connections, and create a good reputation for yourself. Who knows, you could help each other out, and maybe they will post something about your book on their blog or on social media.  

2. Targeting The Right Audience

Book clubs are a group of people who love to read and share their love of books with others. Book clubs are a great place to promote your book because you’re introducing it to people who are interested in reading and expanding their book collection. When you post online, you have to scout out who your audience is, and where in this case, you’re directly targeting your audience. 

3. Gain Inspiration For Your Next Book

Book clubs are the perfect place to tap into your creativity and imagination. By reading other people’s books, discussing plots, settings, characters, tropes, etc., it can get your imagination and ideas to flow and before you know it you may have an idea for your next book. 

4. Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth is often underrated, but it’s effective. When people in the book club read your book and genuinely enjoy it, chances are they will discuss it with their friends or family members. Then their friends may tell other friends. Before you know it, word about your book will begin to spread. 

5. Sharing Your Work With Like-minded People

By joining a book club, you’re meeting a group of people who have a shared interest like you – they love books! People in book clubs are open to expanding their list of reading material and would more than likely love to read your book. You may even meet other authors in the group who are trying to promote their books as well. You can exchange books and help each other out.

6. Receive Helpful Feedback

During book clubs, they open the floor to openly discuss the book they are reading, their thoughts on the plot and characters, and elaborate on the readers’ perspective of the book. It will give you as an author valuable insight. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, getting involved in a local or online book club is a great way to promote your book. Promoting your book increases awareness, visibility, and maximizes its potential. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with promoting your book, we may have a solution! Book Brush is a tool that allows you to create engaging and eye-catching graphics to make your book stand out. Some of the graphics you can make are social media ads, Amazon A+ stacked images, book covers, and more. Creating ads to promote your book on social media is simple, quick, and fun to make. We also have community templates that make your job even easier. The background is already preset for you. All you need to do is add your book cover and change the wording if necessary. With the help of Book Brush, you’ll be able to make stunning ads that will stop people in their tracks while they are swiping through social media and want to check out your book!



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