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12 Genre Font Pairings for Graphics and Book Covers (with 45+ font pairings)

By Kathleen

Fonts are one the best ways to convey genre to your readers. And as such, the wrong font can make even the most gorgeous artwork look messy. Don’t worry, Book Brush is here to help with genre font pairings!

The pairings below feature one decorative font + a simpler serif or sans serif font, either from Google Fonts or available for commercial-free purposes off another site, like Non-Google fonts will be linked below. Be sure to read all licensing information on them.

Continuing this year, we’ll be venturing out to showcase more non-Google fonts and niching down to feature more subgenres, so keep a lookout on our Instagram or on the Book Brush Facebook page for that each month.

Without further ado, here are font pairings to give authors some inspiration and direction when making their graphics and book covers.

Childrens Font Pairings

Luckiest Guy + Source Sans Pro | Chewy + Poppins | Love Ya Like a Sister + Open Sans | Bangers + Raleway

font pairings for children's books
Fantasy Font Pairings

Philosopher + Unna Regular | Merienda + Quattrocento | Aclonica + Sorts Mill Goudy | Marck Script + Gentium Book Basic

font pairing for fantasy books

Historical Font Pairings

Poiret One + Arapey | Astloch + Amiri | Atomic Age + Lustria | Limelight + Vollkhorn

Historical font pairings

Holiday Font Pairings

Staatliches + Corben | Spirax + Nanum Gothic | Arima Madurai + Assistant | Abril Fatface + Montserrat

holiday font pairings

Horror Font Pairings

Averia Sans Libre + Voces | Girassol + Lato | Lalezar + DM Sans | Passion One + ASAP

font pairings for horror books

Literary Fiction Font Pairings

Sawarabi Mincho + Mate | Didact Gothic + ASAP | Prata Regular + Lora | Fjalla One + Catamaran

literary font pairings
Mystery Font Pairings

Candal + DM Sans | Oswald + Pathway Gothic One | Kanit + Lexend Deca | Viga + Jaldi

font pairings for Mystery books

Paranormal Font Pairings

Black Chancery + Alice | Sell Your Soul + Caudex | Underworld + Trirong | Haunting Attraction + GFS Didot

font pairings for paranormal books

Romance Font Pairings

Lobster Two + Oxygen Regular | Qwitcher Gryphen + Montserrat | Satisfy + Lato | Mea Culpa + Prata Regular

Romance themed font pairings

Science Fiction Font Pairings

Nova Round + Abel | Federant + Source Sans Pro | Iceland + Pontano Sans | Prosto One + Nanum Gothic

Science fiction font pairings

Steampunk Font Pairings

Almonte Regular + Lora | Rye + Abhaya Libre | Carnivalee Freakshow + Crimson | Great Victorian + Libre Baskerville

font pairings for Steampunk

Thriller Font Pairings

Bayon + Unica One | Kumar One + Actor | Expletus Sans + Barlow | Black Han Sans + Istok Web

Thriller theme font pairings

For additional font pairing suggestions, check out this Book Brush blog post: 6 Typography Tips for Graphics and Book Covers (with 35+ font pairings.

Teresa Conner author imageArticle by Teresa Conner

Teresa is a freelance cover designer and lead graphic designer here at Book Brush. When not creating graphics for Book Brush or book covers for indie authors and traditional publishers, Teresa can be found writing erotic romance under her pen name Torrance Sené.
You can find her social media accounts and learn more about her at or


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