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Turn Your Book Cover Into A Stunning Movie Poster

By Mackenzie Harrison

Are you looking for a fresh and fun way to promote your book? You can grab your audience’s attention, get them excited about your book, and get the chatter started by turning your book cover into a beautiful movie poster. The style of movie posters brings a sense of familiarity to your audience, and it will help them connect with your book cover that much more. Movie posters are also incredibly eye-catching, captivating, and show creativity. Add some versatility to your social media, and “wow” your audience by turning your book cover into a stunning movie poster with Hourly Concepts

What Is Hourly Concepts?

Hourly Concepts is a subscription-based service that gives you the opportunity to work with a VA or digital designer by the hour to create a number of incredible social Ads. With the help of your professional designer, you’ll get convenient, fast, and stunning Ads that will really get your book to stand out and shine. The design options Hourly Concepts offers include:

  • Movie Posters
  • Book Cover Design
  • Author Logo
  • Amazon A+ Content
  • Social Ads
  • Book Trailers
  • TikTok Video
  • Full Page Ad
  • Audiobook Cover
  • Newsletter Headers
  • And More!

Hourly Concepts will create a movie poster that stays true to the tone of your book and aligns with the storytelling. The designer will incorporate your characters into the poster by adding their names as the “starring role,” and the author’s name will be the producer’s name on the poster. They will use cinematic-like imagery that will tell a quick story about your book while aligning with the movie poster theme. By the time the designer has completed your project, your movie poster will look like a movie you need to see! 

The Process Of Turning Your Book Into A Movie Poster

To begin the process of turning your book cover into a poster, we first ask that you submit a request with Hourly Concepts. Your virtual designer will be ready and looking forward to getting started on your project. They will discuss your project with you, your vision, and your timeline. The next step is they will get started on the project and ensure that they meet your needs. Lastly, your design will be delivered to your Book Brush account. You will have complete ownership of your file. The process of getting your movie poster through Hourly Concepts will be quick and painless!

When Would I Need A Movie Poster?

A movie poster is a creative, unique, and thinking-outside-of-the-box way to promote your book. There are a few reasons why you need to turn your book cover into a movie poster. You can plaster your new movie poster on social media, like Facebook or Instagram to get your fans excited. It will also help you to potentially reach a new crowd. Posting the same photo of your book can become repetitive. A movie poster of your book will provide you with a new, reenergized, and memorable way to promote your book on your social platforms.

Another great way to utilize a movie poster is to print it out and take it with you to in-person events. You can display a large copy of your movie poster on a table to entice people to stop at your booth and ask about your book. It can be a great conversation starter piece. You can also print out smaller copies and give them out to fans. You’ll make their day and give them a little something to remember you and your book by. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, turning your book cover into a movie poster is a great way to step outside the box and deliver a unique approach to promoting your book. With the help of Hourly Concepts, you’ll quickly have a striking movie poster without the hassle of making it yourself. Together, we’ll be able to make movie (poster) magic.


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