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Our 14 Favorite Mockups To Promote Your Book For Valentine’s Day

By Mackenzie Harrison

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to promote your book, especially romance novels. For bookworms, there really isn’t a better gift to give or receive from your sweetheart this holiday than a great book. This is the perfect opportunity to promote your book with Book Brush’s Valentine’s Day instant mockups. At Book Brush, we make it simple for you to make graphics to promote your book in a fun, unique, and eye-catching way. Below, we highlight our 14 favorite Valentine’s Day instant mockups that you can use to showcase your book creatively for the upcoming holiday.

Mockup Image #1

This instant mockup is the perfect combination of charming, warm, and inviting. The candles, flowers, and block letters that spell “love” display a cozy way to spend Valentine’s Day. It makes you want to snuggle under the blankets, light a candle, and read this book.

Mockup Image #2

When you think of Valentine’s Day treats, you likely think about chocolates, candy hearts, and conversation hearts. This mockup is straightforward, but it’s a great way to promote your book. The white background makes the candies and the book cover practically pop out of the page. 

Mockup Image #3

The roses, present, and pink background sets the perfect Valentine’s Day vibe. It’s simple but classic-looking. The colors in this mockup are stunning together.

Mockup Image #4

The background of this instant mockup is simple, but the color makes it eye-catching. The single rose, hearts, and envelope add the perfect Valentine’s Day touch without overpowering the book cover.

Mockup Image #5

With all of the colors, the rose, wine, and glasses, it gives the perfect Valentine’s Day aesthetic. These colors will go with practically any cover color and will beautifully showcase your book for the upcoming holiday. 

Mockup Image #6

The bright color of the roses and the tamer color of the background work together to get your book cover to pop. If you were to see a graphic like this while scrolling through social media, it would make you want to scroll back to it and check it out.

Mockup Image #7

This instant mockup is adorable, sweet, and unique. The different fun colors, the shapes of the cookies, and the different patterns will make your book cover stand out. It will make people want to bake some cookies and spend the afternoon reading your book. 

Mockup Image #8

The bright pink roses practically jump out of the page. The stunning background will also go with many different book cover colors. This instant mockup will certainly grab people’s attention. 

Mockup Image #9

Conversation hearts are a staple in most people’s homes around Valentine’s Day. When you see this beloved sweet treat, it makes you think about Valentine’s Day. This instant mockup subtly promotes your book for Valentine’s Day without a flashy background or a ton of props. It’s simple but effective. 

Mockup Image #10

This is another simple but beautiful instant mockup you can use to promote your book for Valentine’s Day without any unnecessary extravagance. It gives little hints about the holiday without taking away the attention from your book. 

Mockup Image #11

For many people, getting chocolates and a book for Valentine’s Day is the perfect gift. This mockup will make people who see it want to crack open a box of candy and get started on reading your book. 

Mockup Image #12

The simplicity of the white background with the pops of red adds the perfect Valentine’s Day touch. The white background will highlight the colors of your cover and make it your main focus when you look at the mockup.  

Mockup Image #13

This instant mockup perfectly sums up what most women would want for Valentine’s Day. Who wouldn’t want a rose, candy, wine, and a good book? Sounds like the perfect gift, and it may give people an idea of what to get for their sweetheart.

Mockup Image #14

The heart macaroons, roses, and coffee create a charming aesthetic. The simple white background allows for the other aspects of the mockup to work together without overshadowing your book cover.

In conclusion, there are a lot of different Valentine’s Day mockups you can use to promote your book. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, people are in the mindset of looking for the right gift to give their loved ones. By promoting your book, you’re keeping your book fresh in their mind and will make them want to potentially purchase it for their loved ones or themselves. With one of these mockups, you will be able to showcase your book in an engaging, colorful, and unique way. Promote your book with our Valentine’s Day instant mockups today!


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