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Book Brush Vs. Canva

“…. it (Canva) took about thirty minutes including the 3D cover creation, whereas the Book Brush one took about seven minutes”
– Melanie from Melt Marketing

How is Book Brush different from Canva?

Many authors are familiar with using Canva which is a pretty cool product and they are wondering – why try Book Brush? For starters, Book Brush was created specifically for authors. We offer options for ad sizes that authors need to help you create marketing images with just a few clicks of your mouse. We focused on developing options to help authors create professional-looking images quickly while keeping things simple and easy for authors to use!

Book Brush is so easy to use

Book Brush has been custom designed so authors find it easy to use and speedy, too. Because our focus is the author community, you will find features that you need & want! That means, our ad sizes include options for things like BookBub, FaceBook and Amazon ads and our stamp options focus on what authors use to advertise like kindle unlimited, nook and audible to name a few! We developed steps to keep your time spent on image creation to a minimum – you can create your marketing images and get right back to writing!

Book Brush has affordable pricing

Canva offers a vast number of photos and icons, however they charge by the asset which can get pricey pretty quickly. With Book Brush’s Plus Plan, you pay one annual membership fee and you have access to over 1 million free images along with the option to upload your own background image. Plus, we offer over 30 nifty author-related stamp options along with over 100,000 searchable stamps for any occasion! You can even save your work as a template and access it again!

With Book Brush, 3D images are easy

With Canva, you need to import your images as 3D, there’s no option to import a 2D image and convert it to 3D. This means extra work for the author outside of Canva. But with Book Brush, you upload your 2D book cover and with a click of your mouse, you’re able to convert it to a variety of cool 3D images that you can feature in your marketing creations.

Instant Mockups: place your book in real life images in no time at all

With Book Brush, you can use this convenient tool to create over 250+ professional, realistic images featuring your book! You don’t need to be a creative person at all. It takes just a few minutes and you’ll have a file of images!

Instant Mockups are amazing because they are suitable for any genre and you can take any Instant Mockup image and easily personalize with the other handy Book Brush tools!

instant mockups

Box Set Creator that’s easy to use

The newest revolutionary tool at Book Brush is the Box Set Creator and authors are buzzing about it. Many authors have a series but no 3D Box Set images. Now authors can take their series to the next level by displaying it as a Box Set in just a few minutes.

Don’t have images of your spines? Not a problem. The Box Set Creator in Book Brush offers quick and easy templates to create your own spines. Then with a few additional clicks of the mouse, you can proudly display a Box Set – either hardcover or paperback – featuring from two to ten books!

images for Box Set creator

Book Brush is a growing community that’s eager to help

We offer a convenient private FB Group where you can join a community of authors using Book Brush! Members share ideas and post images they’ve created to get feedback & advice from other authors. Our team also signs on to respond to questions, provide helpful tips and give suggestions. We are proud to offer remarkable, responsive customer service to help our authors succeed. Whichever way you choose to contact us, we’re always here to help.

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