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About Us

One thing authors know—time is precious.

Book Brush is a technology company striving to help. We’re an energetic team
whose focus is on customer service and constant improvement to the product.

Our customers are never just a number. We are here for you. Ask us anything.

Let us help you succeed.

Josh Wiley

CEO & Founder

Josh oversees operations and business activities to ensure Book Brush is helping authors achieve their dreams.

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Corey Alderin

CTO & Founder

Corey provides leadership of the creative and technical staff as well as collaborates with fellow co-founder on making strategic decisions to achieve future goals.

Kathleen Sweeney


Kathleen has been an integral part of Book Brush since its inception. She brings over 20 years of client service experience, business assurance, strategy and problem solving to the day-to-day operations and the future vision of Book Brush.

Kim Lopez

Software Developer

Kim loves all things about software engineering. He is always up for solving problems and learning new and modern technologies.

Paul Elauria

Customer Experience Director

Paul thinks that every problem can be solved as long as it is logical. He's a passionate programmer and couldn't imagine himself doing anything else.

Moesha Pangilinan

Assistant to the COO

Moesha has a keen eye for design and holds a pivotal role at Book Brush, supporting our team and managing projects to fruition. Her attention to detail and innovative flair are key in transforming ideas into visually appealing, highly marketable materials.

Bri Lind

Project Manager for Social Media Management

Bri Lind is driven by her deep passion for literature, and her career spans a decade of professional experience as an author's personal assistant and literary editor.

Carlean Surla

Project Manager for Social Media Management

Carlean's journey in storytelling, from reading to children in classrooms to mastering diverse social media platforms, underscores her versatility as a Social Media Assistant. Her expertise in content moderation, fueled by a deep love for various genres of books, enables her to engage and inspire online communities effectively.

Marie Sahagun

Virtual Assistant

Marie knows how to make online connections count for Book Brush. She creates engaging content, drives traffic, and connects people with services, all to help authors thrive and grow.

Erwin Obdin

Hourly Concepts Graphic Designer

Erwin is a passionate graphic designer specializing in creating captivating visuals for authors and their literary masterpieces. With a keen eye for detail and a love for storytelling, I transform words into vibrant graphics and videos that bring narratives to life.

Jeanette Luganio

Social Media Graphic Assistant

Jeanette is a social media graphic designer with 5 years experience of crafting eye-catching social media visuals. She's all about bringing people together through heartfelt graphics that resonate.

Mackenzie Harrison

Blog Writer & Marketing Assistant

Mackenzie has a deep passion for all forms of writing, typically content articles. If she isn't writing an article, you'll find her somewhere reading a good book. She loves that she can combine her love of books and writing, and share what Book Brush can do for authors.

Teresa Conner

Web & Graphic Designer

As a romance author and professional book cover designer with over a decade of experience working with indie authors and publishers, Teresa loves color palettes, fonts, books, and graphic design, and is thrilled to combine them all with the Book Brush team.

Richard Abear

Software Developer

Richard is a problem solver that loves to build things that impact peoples lives through the use of technology.

Harvey Ancajas

Social Media Management Graphic Designer

Harvey is a Cebu-based graphic designer specializing in Magazine and Book Ads, as well as Social Media Ads. With a passion for creating visually engaging content that stands out, He is dedicated to bringing creative visions to life.

Marilyn Elaba

Social Media Management Assistant

Marilyn integrates Christian values, drawn from her volunteer efforts, into her professional approach, echoing how disciplined practices lead to success. By combining this moral foundation with her expertise in customer service and virtual sales, she becomes an invaluable asset in her role as a Social Media Assistant.

Jennie Abesamis

Social Media Graphic Assistant​

Jennie is a seasoned graphic designer with six years of experience, leading a talented team committed to excellence. Her expertise spans various mediums, delivering high-quality outputs that exceed client expectations. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for visual storytelling, she pushes the boundaries of design.

George Temple

Video Executive Producer

George has decades of experience in media creation from feature films to social media. He uses a visionary approach to develop the best content for each client.

Alexandra Lauber

Video Media Director

Alexandra is an avid reader who loves supporting authors! Throughout her career she has had several hats, but marketing and social media have always been a part of her core competencies.