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Crafting A Different World: Top 9 Fantasy Book Tropes For Writers To Explore

By Mackenzie Harrison

Fantasy books allow readers to dive into a new magical world. They are full of adventure, anticipation, and excitement. Authors love to unleash their imagination into fantasy books, and readers love escaping into the world of the writer’s creation. Since the world is practically your oyster when writing a new fantasy book, it can be challenging to pinpoint where you want your story to go. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. The first step is to determine which fantasy trope you want to explore. To make it easier for you, we’ve outlined the top fantasy book tropes for writers to consider. 

1. Magic

Many fantasy books incorporate magic somehow. Whether the characters are witches and wizards or the world itself has magic, there’s a lot you can explore or add to your book with this trope.

2. Legendary Battles

The final battle is the moment most fantasy book readers wait on the edge of their seats for. It’s usually a long-awaited and epic showdown of the hero and their allies against the villain. Readers love to root for their favorite characters and hope they make it out of the battle alive.

3. Mythical Creatures

Mythical creatures are one of the legendary aspects that make up a fantasy book. Whether you include a unicorn, dragon, monster, fairy, or your own made-up creature, your readers are going to wish they lived in this world.

4. Medieval Settings

In this trope, the setting is in ancient or medieval times. This is back when cars didn’t exist, people rode on horses to get from Point A to Point B, and there was always a mysterious pub in the middle of nowhere. There are typically beautiful castles miles away, lords and ladies, and knights in shiny armor. While these were simpler times, they also weren’t any less exciting or adventurous, especially when you throw a mythical creature into the mix, like a dragon.

5. The Prophecy

This trope features a character that’s destined for greatness. They are the “chosen one,” and typically possess abilities that make them stand out from others. These characteristics or powers will be useful in fighting against the villain. 

6. Magical School

In fantasy books, magical schools aren’t a new concept, but it’s a fun trope to explore. Students with magical abilities gather at this school, where they can learn about their powers and reach their full potential. You can make it your own by introducing characters with different unique gifts and even invent your own magical creature to attack the school where the students need to work together to defeat it. 

7. The Wise Mentor

In this trope, the experienced and wise mentor typically trains the “chosen one.” They help unleash their powers and teach them how to defeat the villain. It’s not uncommon for the reader to develop a bond or connection with the mentor because the main character does. The main character trusts them, so the reader will too. In most cases, the mentor only wants the best for the chosen one and will do whatever they can to set the main character up for greatness. 

8. Antagonist To Ally

In this trope, the antagonist becomes an ally to the main character. The reasons why the enemy turns to the good side usually vary. They could have undergone a transformation, and they truly want to be good, or they are just trying to save themselves. It’s up to you to make it your own. Readers usually love this kind of twist because they don’t know if they can trust the character or not, and they love being able to guess their motives. 

9. Dark Vs. Light

While this trope is commonly used, it’s a classic. It showcases the struggle of good vs. evil. Even though the light is often tempted by the darkness, the light typically comes out on top and conquers all. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, there are a lot of fantasy book tropes you can explore and make your own. Once you’ve chosen your fantasy trope and have written it, you need a stunning book cover to complete your book. This is where Book Brush comes in. It’s a tool for authors to create different graphics to promote their books. The graphics you can make include book covers, Amazon A+ stacked images, ads, bookmarks, book trailers, and more. With Book Brush, you can make a cover and other graphics to capture your audience’s attention, make it stand out, and entice people to read your book. With your eye-catching cover and the fantasy trope you go with, readers will fall in love with your book!


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