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Our 15 Favorite Mockups To Promote Your Book For Summer

By Mackenzie Harrison

Sunny days, blue skies, and warm weather are finally around the corner! Summer is one of the most awaited seasons, and now that it’s finally almost here, it’s time to prepare for it. One of the ways you can welcome summer and prepare for it is with your book marketing approach. Instead of repeatedly posting the same photo of your book cover, switch up your approach by posting a summer instant mockup from Book Brush. Book Brush is a tool that’s tailored to authors to promote their books with fresh, fun, and unique graphics. Let’s check out some of our favorite summer instant mockups for you to use to promote your book!

# 1

One thing that makes this instant mockup stand out is how realistic it looks. With your book sitting with other books, it looks natural. The umbrellas, beach theme, and the stack of books, just set the vibe that summer is finally here!


The vibrant pink color of the pool floaty and the blue of the water really make the color of the book cover pop. It’s a relatively simple background, but it screams summer without overpowering your book cover.


The color of the water in this photo is absolutely stunning. While people are scrolling through social media, this instant mockup will certainly make them quit scrolling and stop to check your book out. It also makes you want to go through the screen and jump right into the pool. 


All of the summer essentials are together in one mockup. It has an ice-cold drink, a hat, sunglasses, and your audience’s new favorite book for the summer. What more could a person need? 


One of the most relaxing things to do in the summer is to lie on the beach, have a cold drink in your hand, and read your favorite book. This instant mockup puts you in that mindset and makes you want to purchase this book and hit the beach.


The colors of this instant mockup are beautiful and just give off the summer vibe. The ocean blue background and the sand-colored hat set the tone that summer is knocking on your door. 


If you’re looking for a serene and peaceful feeling instant mockup, this is the one for you! Summer doesn’t always have to mean the hustle and bustle of surfing, boating, and playing in the sand. It can mean sitting on a lake dock and watching the sunset. 


With the other summery objects in this instant mockup, like the sunglasses, towel, and camera, the book cover blends in perfectly without being overshadowed. It truly looks like the book is meant to be there.


When going to the beach, you need to pack all of the essentials, a drink, a towel, and of course, your favorite book. When your audience sees this instant mockup, it will remind them that they more than likely need a new book to take with them to the beach, and that book should be yours.


Splashing your feet in the water is practically a rule that you need to do at least once in the summer. This instant mockup just screams summer. Also, the different colors in this instant mockup will compliment the cover of your book beautifully. 


With summer approaching, that only means one thing – it’s wedding season! What better way to showcase your book for the summer than with a wedding theme instant mockup? This mockup is particularly perfect for romance books. 


The colors in this instant mockup are stunning and eye-catching. The different colors in this mockup will make your cover pop. Not to mention, it makes you want to reach through the screen and grab that drink and book.


Even though this instant mockup can be used practically all year long, the flowers, the picnic basket, the macaroons, and the cup of tea are perfect for summer. It gives off cozy and warm summer vibes. 


With the darker sky and ocean colors in this instant mockup, you could easily promote a darker book, like a mystery or thriller for summer. 


This instant mockup is the perfect way to promote your book for summer subtly. It demonstrates the ideal summer day: playing in the sand with your kids while reading a good book. 

For showstopping instant mockups to use to promote your book this summer, make sure you check out all of the mockups we have to offer at Book Brush. You’ll catch your audience’s attention and intrigue them with these fun and creative mockups!


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