Mal Cooper
Profitability with FB Ads
May 19, 2023
8:00am PST • 10:00am CST • 11:00am EST

Facebook ads can be intimidating (and expensive!) if you don’t know where to begin. In this class, a Facebook ads expert will start with the basics and explain audiences, ad setup and creation, and how to start small and grow from there.

Nikoo and Jim McGoldrick
How to Protect Your Words and Assets: The Marriage of LLCs and Trusts for Writers
June 21, 2023
9:00am PST • 11:00am CST • noon EST

Not lawyers or accountants, but with thirty years in the publishing business and 50+ independent and traditionally published books, Nikoo and Jim recently found themselves in a position of having to safeguard their literary works and assets.

This presentation is a summary of their conversations with multiple accountants and attorneys and how they ended up with an LLC and Trust.

Michael La Ronn
Writing to Market without Selling Your Soul
July 21, 2023
9:00am PST • 11:00am CST • noon EST

The term “write to market” is often a dirty word, but it doesn’t mean what people think it means. Writing to market is really about blending art with commerce. In this session, prolific author Michael La Ronn will share his process of how he did market research and analysis to launch a recent urban fantasy series profitably. You’ll learn best practices for researching covers, story ideas, and marketing strategies—all while telling stories that you love.

thursday, April 4, 2024

There are 15 min breaks between each session.


Keynote Speaker: Dave Chesson
An Unconventional Path: A Story Rarely Shared
4pm PST • 6pm CST • 7pm EST

Join Dave Chesson, the visionary creator of Kindlepreneur.com, as he unveils an untold narrative of his unique journey to success. Traverse the road less traveled with him and discover the intersections of real life and true revenue. This story is not often shared—a testament to finding prosperity through unconventional means.

Kathleen Image

Kathleen Sweeney
BookMARCon's Networking IceBreaker
5pm PST • 7pm CST • 8pm EST

Join us for an engaging social mixer immediately following the keynote session. This is your chance to unwind, network with fellow attendees, and foster meaningful connections. We'll have icebreakers, discussions, and plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals in the world of books and marketing. Get ready to make new friends, share experiences, and have a fantastic time at BookMARCon!

April 5-7, 2024 • 3-Day Event

Friday, April 5, 2024

There are 15 min breaks between each session.

Michael La Ronn

Michael LaRonn
From Aspiring to Accomplished: My Self-Publishing Story and Your Blueprint
1pm PST • 3pm CST • 4pm EST

Embark on a transformative journey with Michael La Ronn as he shares his transition from an aspiring writer to an accomplished self-published author. Delve into a treasure trove of insights gleaned from his prolific career, spanning the challenges and triumphs of self-publishing. Understand the nuances of quick wins, gain mastery over impactful marketing tactics, and harness the discipline for regular writing.


Bryan Cohen
From Keywords to Conversions: Amazon Ads with Bryan Cohen
2:15pm PST • 4:15pm CST • 5:15pm EST

Dive into the world of high-converting Amazon ads with Bryan Cohen. Explore the nuances of keyword optimization, the allure of compelling cover design, and the craft behind engaging blurbs. With Bryan's guidance, transform your ads into powerful tools that amplify your book sales and profitability.


Narelle Todd
Pivoting with Purpose: Narelle Todd's Journey With 5 Current Trends
3:30pm PST • 5:30pm CST • 6:30pm EST

Narelle Todd illuminates the essence of purposeful change and staying attuned to the latest trends. Through her own experiences, she'll demonstrate the significance of recognizing when and how to pivot, ensuring that every shift is imbued with intent and vision. Dive deep into the five prevailing trends shaping today's landscape and learn how to harness their potential in your endeavors.


Matty Dalrymple
Pitching Mastery: Podcast Edition
4:45pm PST • 6:45pm CST • 7:45pm EST

Stop dreaming and start pitching your way onto top-ranked podcasts with expert guidance from Matty Dalrymple. In this enlightening session, Matty reveals the secrets to getting featured on sought-after shows and making the most of every podcasting opportunity. Dive into practical strategies to help you shine on the podcasting stage and leave a lasting impression. But the journey doesn't end there—learn what happens after the show and how to cast the widest net to reach more readers.

100% virtual. Watch sessions on your own time.

Saturday, April 6, 2024

There are 15 min breaks between each session.


Judith Briles
Unveiling Author Secrets: Mastering Opt-ins for Newsletter Growth
7am PST • 9am CST • 10am EST

Unlock the secrets to successful email marketing with Judith Briles, the 'Book Marketing Ninja,' in a session dedicated to crafting the ultimate opt-in for newsletters. This presentation dives deep into the strategies for creating engaging and influential email content that stands out in a crowded inbox. Whether you're looking to enhance your email newsletter's performance or master the art of email marketing from scratch, Judith's insights will equip you with the tools to attract, engage and retain a dedicated subscriber base.

Laura KOBO

Laura Granger, Rakuten/KOBO
Reaching New Readers With Kobo Writing Life
8:15am PST • 10:15am CST • 11:15am EST

Kobo is an eReading company built by booklovers whose mission is to make the best digital reading experience possible. Kobo Writing Life is a global DIY publishing platform that empowers authors to take their publishing career into their own hands. Learn how Kobo Writing Life makes it simple for indie authors to publish and promote their books in over 190 countries. Plus learn more about library distribution, direct audiobook upload, and our non-exclusive subscription program, Kobo Plus.

SD Huston

SD Huston
How I Increased My Direct Sales By Using These Exact Kickstarter Tactics
9:45am PST • 11:45am CST • 12:45pm EST

Demystify how to excel with Kickstarter for authors. Discover key strategies to align campaigns with personal goals, connect with readers directly, and bypass traditional sales platforms. Harness Kickstarter's power to boost readership and optimize sales. Perfect for authors aiming to redefine success.


Parchelle Tashi
How I Captivated Readers and Amplified My Book's Reach with Digital Workbooks
11:30am PST • 1:30pm CST • 2:30pm EST

Explore the realm of digital workbooks with Parschelle Tashi and redefine the boundaries of traditional reading. Transform your content into an active learning experience, captivating a broader audience and enhancing engagement. Whether in fiction or non-fiction, seize this opportunity to solidify your mark in the evolving literary landscape. Be at the forefront, and let your work resonate louder and further.

Brandon King Headshot Adjustment 11-2023

Joel Lund
From Financial Planner to Bestselling Author: How I Did It, and Why Every Author Needs to Hear My Story
12:45pm PST • 2:45pm CST • 3:45pm EST

Joel unravels the intricacies of his unique path, highlighting the synergies between finance and the literary world. Uncover the strategies he employed for his success and how he mentored his family members, including his daughter and wife, on their journeys of achievement. Every author, whether seasoned or just starting, will find invaluable takeaways from Joel's story, emphasizing the blend of financial savvy and literary passion.

Kathleen Image

Kathleen Sweeney
Brushers After Dark
BookMARCon Luminary Social: Round Table Break Out Session

2:15pm PST • 4:15pm CST • 5:15pm EST

Unwind, relax, and continue the conversation with fellow authors during our daily 'Author Chat Lounge' sessions. These relaxed, informal gatherings are the perfect opportunity to connect, share insights, and forge lasting friendships. Grab a virtual seat, pour your favorite beverage, and join us for quality author-to-author networking. It's all about building connections and strengthening our writing community. See you there!

sunday, April 7, 2024

There are 15 min breaks between each session.

DC Gomez Amazon-Headshot-1-Aug-2021-768x972

D.C. Gomez
D.C. Gomez's Work-Life Balance Revolution: Writing, Marketing, Financial Freedom - A USA Today Best-Seller's Journey
7am PST • 9am CST • 10am EST

Dive into a unique exploration of crafting authentic narratives, effective time management techniques for writers, and the art of embracing your writing journey rather than conforming to mainstream expectations. D.C. highlights the power of recognizing one's distinct creative needs. Discover that genuine balance isn't about replicating popular trends but designing a rhythm that amplifies your authorial voice. In a world filled with generic writing advice, learn how work can be a refuge and a source of inspiration.

ELiza M Garza

Eliza M. Garza
How Crafting & Marketing Characters Boosted My Writing Revenue
8:15am PST • 10:15am CST • 11:15am EST

Explore the art of crafting authentic, relatable characters and discover strategies to effectively market them to a diverse audience. Uncover ways to amplify your unique voice through their stories. This session is a treasure trove for authors aiming to make an indelible mark in the literary world.

Hannah Hacobson - Book Award Pro

Hannah Jacobson
Leveraging Awards and Reviews to Boost Book Sales
9:45am PST • 11:45am CST • 12:45pm EST

Hannah, the founder of Book Award Pro, will reveal the secrets to transforming awards and reviews into formidable marketing tools. You will learn success stories from case studies and gain tangible steps that have propelled countless authors to new heights of success. You will leave turning those accolades into powerful assets that elevate your book’s visibility and drive sales.

Kathleen Image

Kathleen Sweeney
Book Shelf Psychology: How Readers Rely on Social Proof in Decision Making
11:30am PST • 1:30pm CST • 2:30pm EST

In Kathleen Sweeney's session, delve into the intricacies of how readers select books and the importance of social proof in shaping readers' decisions. Learn about the impact of your social media presence, the significance of social proof in reviews, and the influence of recommendations from friends and family. Stand out on the shelf by transforming your approach to book marketing and connecting with your audience in a whole new way!


Expound Publicity
Capture News Agencies and Secure Media Attention
12:45pm PST • 2:45pm CST • 3:45pm EST

Discover vital strategies for crafting captivating story angles to expand your book's reach and increase readership. Learn how to build meaningful connections with the press and navigate the ever-evolving media landscape as an author. Whether you're an aspiring writer or a seasoned author seeking to elevate your literary presence, this webinar equips you with the tools to shine a spotlight on your book and connect with a broader audience.

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